Otter Surfboards Splinters Interview

Wooden surfboards are at the root of many countries traditional wave riding cultures, and this is certainly the case for Papua New Guinea.  Here, “splinter” surfboards have been used for generations to ride the waves that break over the reefs and black sand beaches, the boards being carved from indigenous trees or pieces of old canoes.  

Here, “splinter” surfboards have been used for generations

At the end of last month the multi-award winning documentary film Splinters toured the UK with several screenings in the South West and London, including one just down the road from the Otter Surfboards workshop in Porthtowan which we were quick to get tickets for.  Andrew Abel, President of the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea and a star of the film, was on hand and we were lucky enough to catch up with him after the screening to ask him some questions about wooden surfboard riding and it’s place in the surf culture of PNG.

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