In the eyes of the modern world, many still consider PNG to be relatively ancient by virtue of contrasting landscapes, its people and old customs.

At the same time, in regard to Surfing in PNG, we are surpassing current expectations and are at the cutting edge with a new world approach to ensuring an equitable and sustainable foundation upon which the surfing resource is developed and managed for the collective benefit of its traditional resource custodians and SAPNG affiliated surf clubs and commercial operators.

Working together, the SAPNG in conjunction with the surf industry, tourism operators and traditional reef custodians have developed a unique and defining feature that crystallizes a truly memorable PNG surfing experience – Surf Management Plans (SMP)

The vast majority of PNG’s land ownership is under traditional customary clans. For coastal communities, this extends to traditional and custodial rights to fringing reefs. SMP’s are essentially access agreements which enlist sustainable quota limits in exchange for fees & levies.

These have a twofold effect of supporting the development of surf clubs and the sport itself whilst also generating a passive income stream for the reef custodians / communities.

In addition the SMP initiatives provide for;

  • Recognition of traditional rights
  • Growth of community development initiatives
  • Fostering good community relations
  • Sustainable quotas to avoid surfer overcrowding
  • Conservation and awareness of the marine environment
  • Tourism awareness benefits and participation