Since the inception of the Association, there has been little time taken to develop a “mission statement” that is meaningful to the potential members that it seeks to represent.

It is therefore timely that the Association clearly indicates its aims and the methods by which the sport of surfing can develop within Papua New Guinea initially and also partake in the support of the people residing in the immediate vicinity.

It is obvious that the lessons learned and the example of the Vanimo (Lido) Surf Camp be recognised by the Association members and wherever possible this positive experience be the catalyst for future developments. It also seems logical that the personalities involved with the development o Vanimo namely Andrew Abel and the surfers themselves be pre-eminent when similar projects are identified.

The Association should endeavour to represent the sport o surfing and be the vehicle through which national and participation in international events are sanctioned. Similarly if the successes of Tahiti continue, the sponsorship aspect must be monitored to ensure the sport is promoted in the best possible manner.

The success of the Association will be, as is the norm, directly related to the efforts of individuals. Due to the transient nature o many “surfers” currently living in PNG, the onus ill often fall back on the “same old few”. It is therefore imperative that all members feel free to contribute using their on experiences or influences for the good of the sport.

All Association members should be aware of undoubted benefits that are available and unique to PNG surfing and the responsibility they have to ensure their involvement will at all times be positive and supportive.

The affluence of the western world and the perceived need by travellers (and surfers in particular) to visit the more exotic locations around the globe, clearly presents a potential for marry the aestetics of the sport with commercial common sense whilst never denigrating the cultural and geographical beauty of this country.