Quicksilver helps Vanimo FSC

The funding for this will be provided by connecting the audience of SPLINTERS documentary to the centre. Quicksilver praised Vanimo Hospital family Support Centre (FSC) for doing an holistic work to combat the causes and effects of violence against women. The centre was featured in the Splinters documentation.

SPLINTERS is the first feature documentary film about indigenous surfing in Papua New Guinea. It chronicles four village surfers in the lead up to the first ever national surfing trials. Ultimately, the film is about culture clash and the way in which the globalised world is affecting a remote village via the sport of surfing. The film specifically addresses the way in which surfing is changing gender politics in the village and explores domestic violence against women.

The cash donations received by Quicksilver foundation will be forwarded to the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea who will directly work with the Hospital to improve the centre.