Indies Trader

Without giving too much away, perhaps the world’s last great stretch of unexplored surf reaches east from Indonesia’s North Maluku province, across to … well, let’s say the Solomon Islands. PNG is right in the middle of this vast expanse.

Over recent times, travelling as the only super yacht affiliated with the Surfing Association Of Papua New Guinea, Indies Trader has been secretly scoping this zone – striking out from our Beran Island HQ in the Marshalls, and in the opposite direction from our Indo base. What we’ve found – so far – is that this zone hosts a wealth of empty line-ups, astonishing island cultures, and an ecosystem that would have David Attenborough searching for superlatives. The places we visit in PNG are for the most part well off the radar of existing PNG surf tourism operators outside a few of the classics.

Our Vessel the Indies Trader lll is available for charter as a super yacht only in PNG. The Indies Trader lll is considered the world’s premier surf charter vessel and an expedition aboard her is considered a trip of a lifetime for many. From en-suited cabins right through to state of the art communications and electronics Indies Trader lll is without equal in PNG surf tourism and is fully registered with the Asia Pacific Super Yacht Association.

Access to areas of PNG no other surf tourism Operator visits
Fully NIAD system stabilized vessel so no sea sickness
Luxury cabins and fit-out
Amazing fully inclusive food and beverage offering
30 years of surf exploration experience