International Surfing Association (ISA) and Australian Surfing Associarion (ASA) Certified Judges

The Following members of the SAPNG have successfully completed the Level 0, ISA/ASA Surf Judges Course conducted by the Silver Jubiliee Sports Program in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea from 17th – 18th April, 2004. All members are working to build there hours up to qualify to Level 1.

The level 0, ISA/ASA Surf Judges Course is endorsed by the SAPNG Inc, the PNG Sports Federation Inc., the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Surfing Association (ASA) and recognised by the ISA, the World’s Governing Body of Surfing.

  • Sponsor: Silver Jubilee Sports Program, Australian Sports Commission
  • Course Facilitator: Mr. Glen Elliot, Surfing Australia Judging Manager
  • Course Co-ordinator: Mr. Andrew Abel, President, Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea

Certified ISA/ASA Surf Judges JUDGES

NameAffiliated ClubsCurrent LocationLevel 0Level 1Level 2
Andrew C. AbelSAPNG BoardPort MoresbyYesNot YetNot Yet
James KruseSAPNG BoardPort MoresbyYesNot YetNot Yet
Paul SpinksSAPNG BoardAustraliaYesNot YetNot Yet
Kym GoleSero Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesYesYes
Initia AminiSAPNG BoardPort MoresbyYesNot YetNot Yet
Renata SmithSero Surf ClubAustraliaYesNot YetNot Yet
Lawrence TaligatusSero Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesYesYes
Nadia PeniSero Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesNot YetNot Yet
Richard EvansSero Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesYesYes
Albert TaligatusSero Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesYesYes
Henry KedeaSero Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesNot YetNot Yet
Dave GoleSero Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesYesYes
Yana SilingSero Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesNot YetNot Yet
Tommy AuroTaurama Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesNot YetNot Yet
Luke JamesTaurama Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesYesYes
James VictorKavieng Surf ClubKaviengYesYesYes
Jason PiniKavieng Surf ClubKaviengYesYesNot Yet
Richard FarrellSero Surf ClubPort MoresbyYesYesNot Yet
Charles AndrewYesNot YetNot Yet
Chey ScovellYesNot YetNot Yet
Nick StuddyYesNot YetNot Yet
Joao MantereoYesNot YetNot Yet
Christian LohbergerYesNot YetNot Yet
Alberta TaligatusYesNot YetNot Yet
John AwaliYesNot YetNot Yet
John TalesYesNot YetNot Yet
Martha MoiheYesNot YetNot Yet
Steven TekwieYesNot YetNot Yet
Henry NyekreYesNot YetNot Yet
Hon. Justice KirriwomYesNot YetNot Yet
Roger KirriwomYesNot YetNot Yet
Isidore GemoYesNot YetNot Yet
Keneka MalahaYesNot YetNot Yet
Hardie TamolYesNot YetNot Yet
Nolis DavielYesNot YetNot Yet
Junior YangYesNot YetNot Yet
Tekla WekreYesNot YetNot Yet